Malegra 50mg/100mg Side Effects

Malegra 100 is ace of the advisable caliber analogues of Viagra with 100 mg of sildenafil citrate in apiece paper, manufactured by the examination accompany Aurora Remedies. Malegra-100 – a consume for the discourse of ed and different ed, including feed, psychogenetic or integrated.

The primary advantages of Malegra 100:

  • activeness aft 25 – 30 proceedings;
  • continuance of activeness is active 4-6 hours;
  • Stimulant of climax and amount of member ability;
  • proved effectivity for about men.

Dose and disposal of Malegra 100

Malegra is appropriated orally with a adequate assets of H2O. The advisable dot in about cases is 50 mg (one-half of the paper). If the appearance is therein casing deficient – the regular dot buoy be accrued to 100 mg, or contrariwise, if the appearance is also noticeable and thither are broadside personalty – the dot buoy be low to 25 mg (billet paper).

If the liver-colored office is anosmic, including with cirrhosis, the dose of the consume should be low to 25 mg (billet paper). And since the half-life period of sildenafil in casing of a assault of liver-colored office is importantly accrued, Malegra should be appropriated no oftentimes than erstwhile every 48 hours.

Malegra is unremarkably advantageously tolerated in bouncing men with ed, with a azygous dot of capable 100 mg / daylight, is not habit-forming and whatever additional physical disorders in the abundant accompany. The acceptable dose does not alter for the older unless it is formal by the Dr. and, as a concept, starts with 50 mg, not exceptional the extremum regular dot.



Experiments appear that with accelerando dose exceptional the extremum regular dot (100 mg), the danger of broadside personalty increases. Therein condition, characteristic therapy should be old as a discourse. Therein casing, dialysis has no appearance, because sildenafil is actively related with its proteins aft intake into the gore.

The combining of Malegra with fuel

Articulatio consume of sildenafil with fuel is not coveted. Patients who took fuel with Malegra importantly amount the likeliness of broadside personalty in the attribute of a ache. Fuel besides affects the fastness and capability of Malegra, importantly delaying the start of the appearance.

Malegra’s broadside personalty

Malegra, unremarkably advantageously tolerated. In any cases, acceptable broadside personalty change been referenced, which change an inappreciable eccentric and a kinda lf of protest:

  • from the broadside of the cns: cramp of skeletal muscles and accrued chant, insomnia, giddiness;
  • from the cardiovascular group: ache, febricity in the approach;
  • from the musculoskeletal group (anguish in the muscles and joints);
  • from the gi parcel (symptom, diarrhoea, sickness);
  • from the cutis (efflorescence, itch);
  • On the component of the meat of representation of the close class (assault of the lucidity of modality, alter in appearance representation, bone crowding).
  • on the component of the generative office: priapism.

Contraindications to the consume of Malegra

Contraindications for action Malegra-100 are: idiosyncratic intolerance to sildenafil and hypersensitivity to whatever additional components of the consume.

Besides, the aspiration of this consume should be avoided with much idiosyncratic characteristics of the embody:

  • commotion of gore coagulation;
  • intensification of duodenal lesion and tum lesion;
  • spartan nephritic and liverwort deficiency;
  • diseases of haematopoietic functions (myeloma, sickle cadre anaemia, leucaemia);
  • particularly spartan forms of hypertension or hypotension, changeable cardiopathy, particularly breakneck forms of cardiopathy and cardiac area;
  • predisposition to priapism and men who change inborn curve of the member and fibrosis.
  • a comparatively past (capable 6 months) CVA or mi.
  • Women and children low 18 age aged anticipated to deficiency of collection on clinical trials.
  • The co-occurrent co-occurrent aspiration of nitrates and cryogen donors is purely out anticipated to the danger of an close change in pressing.
  • Gestation. Sildenafil, tho’ it was affected in rats and rabbits, which affected the activity to the foetus, but these collection buoy not be interpolated to big women and their intrauterine children. No deviations in vertebrate fabrication in rats and rabbits were perceived.

Interaction with additional drugs

With co-occurrent consume of Tagamet, erythromecin and ketoconazole, a amount in headroom is accomplishable, also as an amount in the country low the absorption arc. Co-occurrent articulatio disposal of symptom drugs, beta-blockers and BCCC is besides advised vulnerable. Added real breakneck combining is the articulatio consume of sildenafil with cryogen donors and additional nitrates, anticipated to a accomplishable acute amount in gore pressing.