Auvitra 25 mg Ed Pills That Really Work

Auvitra 25 mg — generic Viagra low dose

A lot of time has passed since the appearance on the pharmacy shelves of all kinds of potency regulators. The demand for such drugs continues to grow steadily. Along with such popular means for potency as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, their generics (copies) appear, not inferior in their effectiveness to branded drugs. For example, you can buy Auvitra 25 mg— a modern generic of the legendary Cenforce in the minimum dosage — at a really low price in our online store.
What is Auvitra?

Auvitra 25 mg is a drug manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla. The drug is sold in tablet form and is an accurate Viagra. However, from the world-famous “blue pills” this tool is much more affordable price. Moreover, buy Auvitra 25 mg in Moscow without leaving the house, and in the regions – taking the exact number of tablets at the nearest point of the Russian post.

The undisputed advantages of the drug include the following characteristics:

the action is completely similar to the effect of taking Fildena;
affordable price;
the opportunity to purchase the drug in the online pharmacy;
no prescription needed.

Composition and effect

The composition of the agent includes an active substance called sildenafil. It contributes to the inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5, which is directly involved in the blood circulation of the tissues of the penis. After taking the drug, the blood flow to the penis increases significantly, which as a result helps a man to quickly achieve a stable erection and keep it as long as necessary. It should be noted that the drug has no effect on the duration of sexual intercourse.
Release form and recommendations for use

Buy Suhagrs 25 mg can be in the pharmacy in the form of oval tablets Packed in plastic blisters, each of which 4 pills. Also on the blister there is a brief information about the drug and its manufacturer, as well as General recommendations for the use and storage of the drug. Production date and shelf life are indicated on the package.

Tablets are recommended to be taken as a whole, drinking plenty of water or any other non-alcoholic liquid. The drug can be taken with food, on a full or empty stomach — it does not affect the effectiveness of the drug.

In any case, do not take an expired drug, the expiration date of which has long expired. Do not use tools that were stored without the manufacturer’s recommendations.