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Unfortunately, many men complain of premature ejaculation, because it has a negative impact on sex life in General. In the end, there are various complexes and deteriorating relationship as a couple. In this case, information about how to prolong the sexual intercourse of a man will be most welcome.

Possible cause

The potency of a man can be influenced by many factors:

wrong way of life;
various diseases of the reproductive system;
strong stress;
long-term abstinence.

What is in Malegra 100?

Malegra 50In addition, the potency can be affected by other problems, such as overexcitation and sensitivity of the head. Do not worry, there is a way out of any situation.
How to extend the time of sexual intercourse?

Who can use Malegra 100?

First you need to start with a medical examination, which should give the necessary conclusion. If the results showed that everything is fine, then to get rid of this problem, you can use the following tips:

How does Malegra 100 work?

Malegra comprar
Malegra comprar

Start by changing your lifestyle. If your work is intense enough, then take the time to relax and recover. If on the contrary you do not move much, sign up for the gym.
A big impact on the potency has diet and bad habits. Try to reduce the Malegra of alcohol consumed and harmful products.
Another tip, as a guy to prolong sexual intercourse – use condoms made of thick latex, which have a special anesthetic lubricant. In some cases, you can even apply a few condoms. This reduces the sensitivity of the penis, which helps to prolong the act.

How to use Malegra 100

Es Malegra segura
Es Malegra segura

Other ways on how to prolong the sexual act

Many psychologists say that the main reason for premature ejaculation is a fixation on sexual arousal. In this case, it is recommended to distract and think about things that do not excite you at all. Men who used this method, talk about a positive action.

What is in Malegra?

Quite an effective way to prolong sexual intercourse – you need to regularly perform Kegel exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the perineum. If this problem bothers you very much, then ask for help from a specialist – urologist-sexologist. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the possible disorder and will choose the most effective method of treatment for you.

Many men are too embarrassed to apply with this problem to the experts, therefore, are popular and widespread means.

How to extend the duration of sexual intercourse:

Where can I buy Malegra?

Malegra 100 opiniones
Malegra 100 opiniones

To delay ejaculation is recommended before sex to drink a little alcohol. The best drink for this is wine. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it.
An excellent way to improve potency is a tea of mint or lemon balm, as these plants have a soothing effect. In addition, various tinctures will help, for example, on the root of ginseng.
how to extend the time of sexual intercourse
If the cause of the disorder is nervous tension, use sedatives. You need to choose the right herbal remedy for yourself and use it regularly.
If this problem was triggered by prostatitis, then you can use microclysters decoction of chamomile.
To strengthen the sex glands, it is recommended to eat raw pumpkin seeds regularly.

So where are the moments of pleasure? Male, blessed with the ability to orgasm quickly (just need of 2.23 minutes.), does not always consider it necessary to stay longer. Especially if your relationship has entered into a quiet family channel and there is no need to prove and impress.

Do you recommend Malegra use?

But even when a guy is not a bed egoist to prolong an erection, one desire is not enough. If we exclude the problems of a medical nature – and in this case it is necessary to consult a specialist and treatment-it is quite possible to correct. And no more missing minutes!
There is a huge number of various techniques and techniques to extend the erection. All of them are based on delaying the ejaculation process.

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First of all, you will have to review the list of your favorite positions. All provisions in which control is given to the man, are focused on prolongation of sexual intercourse.

Holding the palm of an officer’s position (Malegra reviews), as well as all positions when the man is on the back. But the missionary position is better to exclude – it significantly reduces the time of the love act. We could end the sex with her.

How To Use Malegra

Compression technique is the most popular way to prolong sexual intercourse. Feeling the approach of orgasm in the partner, should be thumb and forefinger to squeeze the penis slightly below the head (where it is connected to the bridle). This will dull the feeling, and the wave of excitement will subside somewhat.

Practice Carenza – another method of delaying ejaculation. Every time a partner feels that there is a peak of pleasure, he should stop and wait until the excitement has subsided.